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Harvey's Non Electric Twin Tank Block Salt Water Softener differs in a several ways from the traditional single tank units. The main difference is the two tanks. This Machine will only perform a regeneration based upon your water consumption, making it very economic & efficient in water use. It uses over 50% less water than a conventional water softener during regeneration. it supplies the entire property with softened lime scale free water.

The Twin Tank can regenerate at any time of day or night as only one tank at a time is in service. When it has reached its capacity, it performs a regeneration whilst the other tank continues to supply you with soft water. Added bonus is it’s made in England. The water softener is manufactured in the UK and designed specifically for the UK market.

It incorporate a resin that has been specially purified for household use. It is both food grade and free from chlorinated solvents (solvent free). Not all manufacturers can offer you this level of specification. So whether you bathe, shower, wash your hair or your clothes, or simply clean your teeth, the water from your water Softener will not only be soft, and solvent free.

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Always Plumbing is a local company based in London Colney, St Albans in Hertfordshire with over 30 years experience in the trade, from small jobs to the more complex domestic jobs.

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The company is based in London Colney St Albans and covers all of Herts, Beds and Bucks as well as London. We have a highly trained team of plumbers and central heating engineers that will make sure your plumbing, boiler or service required is maintained to the highest standard.

All Safe (formerly CORGI) gas engineers

Always Plumbing is your one-call service for all your plumbing and heating needs in your local area, With highly trained plumbers and All Safe (formerly CORGI) gas engineers we will respond quickly to any emergency.

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